The Ascension Initiative

I am a cogitator on the “big picture”.  In early childhood I began discerning the difference between experience-informed knowledge and subconscious-informed knowledge; both of which created a state of awareness that I’ve come to call the “calm, powerful knowing”.  I started out by asking ‘what does it all mean?’ then moved into asking ‘what could it all mean?’ and at that point the connection to the Collective Consciousness began to form and inform.  My status as a seeker of truth was sealed, and I began to develop visions of what Is, what was, what could be and what will be. 

With the Calm, Powerful Knowing imprinting a sense of fearlessness I began my learning by differentiating the Collective Consciousness as a lower manifestation of Universal Consciousness.  The former is a dynamic external data base. Universal Consciousness is internal and static; the true seat of truth, understanding and awareness of the universal laws governing the evolution of mankind, the planet and the Cosmos and accessed only by going within ones Being by means of some spiritual discipline. 

I’m as ‘no one’ as anyone else and as special as everyone else.  I do not judge beyond the physical realm of personal safety and well-being.  Even then I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt without abandoning my own boundaries.  I consider every person, place or thing as significant in it’s time, and therefore do not dismiss anything as insignificant until that time has come.  This is a purely personal  assessment and does not diminish the innate significance of every person, place or thing for others. 

I seek – above all – objectivity.  To remain objective is the vehicle of critical thought and problem-solving.  And my ‘seeking’ often starts out with the recognition of a problem in need of solving.  Personal problems are not the kind I’m referring to.  It is the problems that affect the whole of humanity and the planet that most concern me.  And I am seeking others like myself because no one person has the perfect solution but there is strength in numbers, and solutions – effective ones that cover all the bases – are one of the few absolutes in these times. 

So, I write and reach out; seeking connections with like-minded folks who do not question the good of the whole versus personal gain solely for its own sake.  I am not WordPress schooled, but it is a starting point.  I do not know how to build a website or forum, yet I am learning to in an effort to create a space – sacred and focused – for a community of people who, like myself, are grounded enough to turn their attention to, and lend the gifts they possess, to raising the energy vibrations of the whole by seeking to be part of the solution instead of the problems. 

We humans are physically and cognitively flawed in this dimension; we are not conditioned to recognize other dimensions.  We are also energy and light beings on higher dimensions of existence that manifest beyond the veil and fabric of society and culture.  Our existence is not limited to the physical realm, and most of the ‘Work’ of problem-solving exists outside this realm. 

I suspect that is because the physical realm is like the basement of reality.  Dark, dank and kind of creepy.  Not welcoming and unwelcomed.  But it’s where the story starts for us all, and for many, where it ends.  That is a waste of human potential and a trap laid by the few to control the many.  This is a problem.

Our planet is built to sustain roughly 4 billion people.  That’s half the current global population.  This is a problem and planet earth, with its arsenal of harmonic balancing acts, has sent a pandemic because we humans failed to take the initiative to prevent over-population seriously.  We failed to manage natural resources sustainably. We failed to respect the planetary systems that support the diversity of earths inhabitants.  We failed to evolve and instead devolved into herds and packs.  The crowd mentality has been dragging humanity down when this is the time we should be [in my humble opinion] ascending beyond the hive mind and think free. Think right. Think critical and at all times. Judge not to find and maintain a state of objectivity. Seek to remain objective for it is the seat and vehicle of all right and critical thinking.

If I lead, it is by example.  If I can put together the building blocks and the tools to create an IT platform dedicated to the Ascended Ones, then I hope it will lead others to join in the effort. Welcome to the Ascension Initiative. Our goal is to cast light upon the paths toward the light of awakening, and ascension toward a highly evolved way of Being; this as part of the solutions to these and other problems of the Whole and it’s ability to sustain the parts.


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